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Raising Explorers is a unique Out of School Learning Club and Ofsted Registered Childcare Centre based in the famous Carlisle Business Centre in Manningham, Bradford. Established since 2012 with the key aim to revolutionise the services available to children aged between 5-15, parents and the community.
Working closely with schools and educational institutions, we continue to add a new dimension to out of school services, learning and education in Bradford by merging both extra-curricular and religious education in a unique but highly effective way. After three years of continued dedicated research and development of our fresh approach to out of school childcare services and learning, we have handpicked a team of the most experienced and passionate tutors to develop an Educational Curriculum that will truly ensure your child reaches their true potential. Our warm and welcoming nurturing team consists of highly dedicated and qualified teachers, childcare staff and support staff with many years of combined experience in caring for children as well as educating them to a high standard.

Our core available services have continued to improve and increase year on year after listening to our parent’s feedback. At Raising Explorers, we now offer 6 core services:

1. Drop-in Childcare Service 7 days a week – Parents can choose to utilise this service without booking any sessions. Childcare rooms and services are available any day of the week for parents just to turn up at the door

2. Academic Tuition – Each Saturday for Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 we have dedicated and experienced school teachers who are qualified to teach children in the subjects of Maths, English and Science

3. Homework Support Room Services 7 days a week – We offer qualified teachers daily to support children with any homework needs in a dedicated homework room with IT facilities

4. School Holiday Club and Activities – Each school holiday we extend our opening hours to support parents with Childcare from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm. We plan a fun-packed timetable to ensure children are enjoying time off school with fun childcare activities such as arts and crafts, baking, games rooms, sports and much much more…

5. Quran and Madrassa Services – For those parents wanting Quran with Tajweed and Islamic Studies for their child, then we offer both Islamically and Academically Qualified Staff. We teach classroom format learning for your child, just as they would be taught at school through the week. We offer parents 4 alternative options. Weekday Madrassa, Weekend Madrassa, SEN Madrassa or a Sunday Madrassa

6. Language School – Available each Sunday. Children are offered the opportunity to learn a language by attending our Urdu School and Arabic School taught by qualified subject teachers. Each language school has a developed curriculum that we follow.

We want to raise the next generation of young adults with a personality that wants to explore and keep exploring until they reach their own potential in whatever they seek to do in life and most of all enjoy doing. We believe every child is an explorer and we want to help bring out that explorer from within. This includes catering for those parents with children who have special needs. We believe in working closely with our parents to find a solution to cater for their children the best we can.

We feel that just like every child has a right to in school education, they also have an equal right to receive similar support and resources in a comfortable out of school setting that will complement their in-school learning. While caring for your child we feel we can also support them academically in ways that truly will make a difference by using proven teaching models from across the world.

Raising Explorers introduces a new and fresh approach to out of school learning, one in which we want no child to ever consider out of school studies to be a chore but rather something they look forward to and enjoy.


Raising Explorers Centre aims:

– Raise standards of achievement by offering all our students an excellent afterschool extended learning experience
– Bring the love of learning into a student’s life through interactive teaching methods
– To provide a warm, secure and welcoming environment
– To value all children and parents
– To provide high-quality education and care
– To provide a broad, balanced and well-planned curriculum
– To engage and inspire all children through valuing their interests and setting high expectations to achieve excellent results
– To develop a culture of lifelong learning for all
– To ensure equality through promoting inclusive practices
– To work with families and other agencies to provide the best possible start for children
– To continually monitor and evaluate our work
– Develop our students’ character and instil good British values


Our mission is:

To provide all our children with academic and character-building skills, so they grow up to be well rounded confident individuals ready to positively contribute to a forever changing society and succeed as the next generation of leaders in their communities.


Our vision is:

– Firstly, continue to establish a record for success with our first Raising Explorers project here in Manningham, Bradford
– Secondly, to form distinguished Raising Explorers Centres across the country specifically targeting deprived communities
– Thirdly, to help every child in Britain to achieve their maximum learning potential in a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment through a Raising Explorers Centre.

Every child should have the opportunity to achieve the best that they can. The Raising Explorers steps to success are the following:

Raising Standards

We have defined clear and measurable expectations for academic achievement and character development. Parents, children and teachers work together to achieve and reinforce the love of learning. We then support through formal and informal rewards and consequences for both academic effort and behaviour.

Parental Commitment

We expect that all parents who made a decision for their children to be at the centre to make and uphold a commitment to each other; to put in the time and effort to achieve success by reinforcing what we teach in their home environment.

Emphasis on Achievement

We observe and note each child’s progress and focus on achievement. We want to develop in our students the love of learning and hence holistically prepare them to compete at the highest academic and social level.

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Raising Explorers chose CBC to work from as it is in the heart of the community, offering both flexibility and services that are needed for a business to thrive. Being a tenant at CBC has allowed us to adopt additional services to benefit our business as and when needed. Being part of a business hub full of other thriving businesses allows you to meet and cross share services with others.
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